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Tue, 23 September 1997

The bus ride to work

When I ride the bus from home to work, I can actually see the process in which all the beautifull girls vanish. You start with a fair amount of girls which you would be hard pressed to name the color in their eyes. All dressed well, with all these "belly" shirts, and some applying this new "no-bra" trend (where did that come from?!). When the bus reaches Dizengoff Center, some more board the bus, as stunning as the first ones. You just sit there, and try hard not to get caught staring. Things start to change once you pass Ibn-Gvirol st. You reach that bus-stop which combines the IDF spokesman and the Kirya, and all the beautifull soldiers go down (Ah, 18 and in uniform!). The bus keeps on going, and untill you are left with girls who in normal situations wouldn't merit a second glance, but it is morning, you are desperate, so you settle with that, and say to yourself - Hey, I can see myself sleeping with them. As the bus reaches the end of Karlibach St., you are left usually with an assortment of old ladies and *really* unattractive housewifes. Usually there's one or two girls in the age range of 17-30, and you go to extreme measures to find something to cling on - "this one has really nice lips". The most scary thing is that I think that this is the process we go through life. Compromise, Compromise and some more Compromise. Which means I really have something to look forward too.

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