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Fri, 26 September 1997

Why I believe in God

Upon request from Sigal - Why I believe in God. First its important to note that I'm what you will normally call a raving atheist. This also means that hate and disdain everything that smells of religion, worship and especially the Jewish Orthodox establishment. But - and there's a but, I belive in God. How come? Well, as a psychology undergrad student, I was privileged to take a course named introduction to physiological psychology. This course was very kewl, and during it I've learned a lot about human physiology in general, and specifically the Central nervous system. Everyone who learns about this system cant help himself but stand in amazement and awe at this wonderfull creation which is the brain. Now, I know my statistics, and my Darwin, but I just can't see how a mechanism as complex as the brain could ever evolve through evolution only. I'm sorry. No way. I concede that our brain was much more primitive, and evolved through the years, but something had to make the prototype. and since a goo of chemicals can't just evlove into magnificient machine. So, as Holmes used to say - once you eliminate all the possibilities, the one left is the answer. And the answer is - something made us. Someone designed the prototype. That someone/something could have been an alien life form, a God, whatever. I strongly believe that some entity created us, and I choose to call it God. I don't think he/it is still here, I don't think that if you'll be good you'll be rewarded. I just believe that God created the prototype for us, and went away.

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