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Thu, 04 December 1997

New York, Revisited
Well, The last time I was in NYC was around two years ago, in March '95. The circumstances were different, I had this big decision to make, I was alone, and I was two years younger. This time however, There was one and only one reason for me going there. I was burned out. Kaput. All my emotional and cognitive energy was depleted. So - Off we go to NYC. Guy, Udi and Guy's sister, Thalia. While Udi stayed at Dana's place, on 5th and 32nd, we stayed at this amazing place called the The Gershwin Hotel. This place was a combination of a hotel and a hostel. Naturally, We slept in the dorm-rooms, where we met some pretty bizzare characters (And I don't mean the rats, which allmost ate my m&m's). On this vacation we tried to avoid all the tourist attractions, but we just couldn't escape battery park at the sunset, and the Empire State building at night. It's funny how when you're *aware* of doing something really corny, it's not corny anymore, it's kewl. So, for all of you who keep asking me how was NY: It was just like last time - amazing, dazzling, awesome and - Woah! The thing is that me being so related to the US and it's culture, I felt in NY *at home* - as if this is the place I should be living in, this is the culture I want to be in, not the humid levantine country I was born in. Which of course made me think if I could ever make a life in somewhere else other than Israel. Well, once I finish thinking about it - I'll let you know. (As if you care)

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