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The Un-Official uTOK Team Page

What can I say? For the last months, We've been working like a dogs. Slaving all day and night in front of big silent monitors. No Social Life. No Movies. No Clean Laundry. But, I do believe we've managed to bring out a good product. In this page you will find some photos of the team which brought you uTOK. Since these are early pictures, the photos only include the initial nucleus of people who embarked on this insane journey. As I get more pictures - I'll put them on.

The Sweatshop
This is our first office. It was located in Dizengoff 33, Tel-Aviv and had NO Air-Condioning.
In this picture you can see (from left to right) Sharon smiling. Probably becuase he thought there were no bugs in the server. Roni giving his private parts some air, Oren in his respectable pants, Orit hatching yet another wacky feature, and Guy trying to explain to them both how it's technically impossible, but still implementing it.

The Sweatshop - Revisited
This photo was also taken in the old office. Notice two important things in the middle of the picture. One - The dry-erase board. This was our bug-tracker. We fashioned it after our beloved TV Series - Homicide - Life on the streets". Each new bug was assigned a number and written in red. When it was solved - We turned it to black.
The left column was Guy's, The second from the left was mine, and the one in the middle, with very few bugs - Mickey's. Underneath the board you can see our portable AC. We got this when we had some money. What a relief...
People in the picture (again, from left to right) - Sharon, Yaron, Mickey, Guy, Orit and Oren.

These people should be commited
This picture is from the company trip to Turkey, just before the release of uTOK one-point-oh. As you can see, we were all insane and made tattoos of the uTOK logo on ourselves.

She's not insane
This is yael, she's not from uTOK. She's from Perfecto. She came as Guy's girlfriend, and probably regretted the moment she did so.

uTOK - The Next Generation
In this picture, also from the company trip to Turkey, you can see the Blitzer's: Tammy, Roi and Arale. Arale, Our own Server King is already growing the next generation of UNIX mavens.
As Arale is a devoted father and husband, half the passwords on the uTOK System are some permutation on the names Tammy and Roi.

The following couple of pictures were taken on a cruise we took. on the top of the boat you can see iko, our distingushed CEO, and roni h, our distribution master, and general go-getter. Below, you may see the president taking pictures, and some obscure client developer staring at the camera. Why does this picture look so funky? Becuase Mickey just had to try on his new fish-eye effect.

All kneel before the great cartman!

This takes some time to download. Please be patient
Coming straight from uTOK studios - The best selling movie. Dont miss it.

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