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The Un-Official uTOK Team Page
Part II

Server King
I think this picture says all that needs to be said about Arale, Our Server-King. Notice the sneering smile, the sardonic eyes, and you will fully understand what Arale thinks about his co-workers.

Looks like they're working
In this picture you may see the lovely back of Noa, our oh-so-very-talented Graphic Designer, as she is conversing with Mickey. To the uninitiated, this may seem like they're discussing important work matters, but it's so much more likely Mickey is just explaining to her how to get to the party

Can this man lead a company?
Yet another picture of Oren, our beloved CEO. 'nough said.

Unwarranted Euphoria
A luvely luvely picture of Oren, Orit and Guy. Notice the excellent quality. This is because Orit has a new digital camera. The extent people will go to spend their money and not give it to me...

This is me, trying to prove to everyone in the office I've got the biggest nostrils in the world. And you know what they say about men with big nostrils...

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