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The Un-Official uTOK Team Page
Part IV - Guy's Dinner Party

I was kidnapped in Ben-Yehuda street!
Our beloved Guy has left us for greener pastures (namely, Tel-Aviv University). We gathered in a Kosher (ugh!) place to celebrate.

It does exist!
Introducing - Aya, our company secretary, and the only person who still believes that Atlantis exists

Vive la differance
La Double Roni! On the left - Roni Biran, our geophysical WebMaster, On the right - It's Mr. Halperin, a.k.a. Brad Pitt

A Quarter Mickey
Oren is obviously upset that Guy is leaving. Or is it the Kosher food? On the bottom left, you see enough of mickey to understand everything.

You again?
Remember that bored, cynical look we talked about? Here it is again. Arale being bored, Guy playing with digital cameras.

She is the QA Queen...
We are proud to introduce our bug-crasher, our QA queen, the only sane person in the company - Dikla! Oh yes, and that pesky fellow - Roni.

Will you shave already?
Here's a riddle for ya - A WebMaster, A General Manager, A CEO, and a programmer. Which one isn't smiling?

Get a Haircut!The Pain, The Pain...
Two Pictures, Both featuring a guy in a green shirt. Who is this, you wonder? Well, It's Udi. Udi doesn't work for uTOK, he works for Contact.com, which is also a start-up company, only that they are successfull. Anyway, Udi helped us solve a really nasty bug code-named "The Black Demon". We Love you Udi!

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