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The Un-Official uTOK Team Page
Part V - Demo 2000

Guess who's not swede?
Yes, Yes. We presented at Demo 2000, and yes, we kicked ass.
In this picture you can see our marketing team (from right to left) - Vibeke, Mar(k)tin and Jules from our new company firm - BSMG.

What have you done for me late-ly?
And finally - Ed, our business guy. The only person who can mingle with three contacts per minute

The good, the bad and?
Here are Ed and yours truly. Notice Our booth. Isn't it kewl?

Ugly, Definately Ugly
These guys again? Give us a break!

She's shining!
Finally, came the big Orit presentation, and was she glamarous that night! Oh, Yes, Oren was there too.

Demo God
Same idea, different angle

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