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VLVL was born in 20.11.72, in the small town of Petah-Tikva, Israel. He grew up in assorted places, including Jerusalem, Ra'anana, and Dayton, Ohio. Spent must of his young adolescence listening to eclectic music, reading SF books, writing bad poetry, and playing with his Commodore-64.
Of course, like any young adolecsent, his main goal in life was to get laid, so he started being active in political movements. This didn't work.
So, being in sound mind, and flabby body, young vlvl joined the Army, traded his personality for the number 5038690, and entered the cloak and dagger business. The days were the days of the Gulf War and our forlorn hero spent his first days in the army wearing Gas-Masks, and building up an immunity to nerve-gas. Hence followed 5 and a half dark green years, about which there is not much to tell, nothing intersting that is. Spending his years ordering people around, and sitting for endless hours in front of Computer screens and in useless meetings, vlvl vowed never to work in a managment position again.

...It was a cold January day, aye, with the winds blowin' and the rain pouring down like there be no tommorow... Nope. Not in Israel. The day in January in which vlvl left the Army was, as are 360 days of the year, hot and humid. After leaving the army, He started his undergrad degree in Tel-Aviv University, majoring in Psychology, and Computer Science. Since food was scarce, and beer costs much these days, he started working in Aladdin Knowledge Systems, a fine company with the world's most boring products. At a certain point in the time/space continuum he got fed up, and joined the young start-up company uTOK.

Alas, at a certain point, uTOK, like most start-up companies in the world, went under, So our forlorn hero was forced to start searching for yet another place of employment. After a while, he found his calling in Buypass Systems. Which surprsingly enough, went under a year after he joined it. Do we see a pattern emeging here?

For the past years, he rekindled his love for writing, a flame the army went to some length to wipe out, and some of his ramblings can be found in the writings section of this site.

A Personal Note:
As you know, even I will die someday, and when I do, I have the following requests:

  • That my organs be donated to whoever will want them.
  • That I will be buried in a secular ceremony. No Rabbis. If possible, in Kibbut Einat, they have a nice cemetary there, not far from Michal Niv
  • That this song will be played in my funeral.
  • Please - Have a party with lots of food. I mean it. Lots of food, lots of booze, lots of joking around. I hope by the time I die I'll have good good Karma. If so - Then my death is nothing but a transition to the next emanation.
  • As for my belongings - Treat yourself.

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