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Thu, 25 September 1997

A Visit to InfoTech

Yesterday I went to InfoTech fall. This is a computer show, in which a lot of software\hardware companies and ISP's show their merchendise, all trying to lure you to their booths so they can fill you with junk brochures and make you buy their products. I haven't been in such a show for a while, and all I remembered from these shows was a lot of geeks mosing around and getting all worked up about this new product and that new software. This year however, I was stunned to see that the show was packed with sexy young girls. At first I thought - Hey, the computer industry *is* changing its face! But in no time I realized that none of them was there of her own free will. They were all working. The computer vendors figured that if you take a beautifull babe and dress her in a tight shirt - she can lure any geek to their booths. And guess what - it worked. Maybe a realization has dawned upon the computer industry: A geek is still a guy. Sex still sells better than RAM.

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