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Sat, 11 October 1997

Yom Kipuris a very strange day for me. Untill two years ago I used to fast, not missing a year. Everytime someone would asked me why I fast, I replied with an evasive answer. Just couldn't find a good reason. Oh, I had plenty of answers - "It's a habit", "It's healthy", "It's a challenge". But they were all excuses, which just became more unconvincing each and every year, and a growing contrast to my building hatred to religion and everything it stands for. For me Yom-Kipur is mainly a reminder for the Yom-Kipur war. I was one year old then, but from what I hear - I spent my days in a bomb shelter with my dad being away in the army, and my mom helping people in shock in a hospital. What a way to celebrate your birthday, eh? So, all you fasters, pray to your god. I'll be busy remembering what bad leadership can cause this country.
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