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Thu, 31 May 2001


Zen. I don't know shit about Zen. All I know is some stuff I picked up from the air. A bit of TV, a bit of books. Some movies. Yet - I think I'm a devout believer in it. It is Zen which allows me to offer my assistance in affairs of the heart to my neighbor after she's been treating me (and a lot of other people) like shit for so long.


It is Zen which doesn't make me look back at the past and regret it to much. It is Zen which (almost) makes me content in staying in Tel-Aviv and not going after that offered job in NY. It is Zen which helps me realize that while imagining how I will achieve greatness during the shower. "I'm sorry Rafi, I really don't like talk-shows, so I won't be appearing in yours either". It's ok to dream. You should know that it's a dream.

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