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Fri, 07 February 2003

Had some nasty problems with Tripod earlier in the day. They just went up and removed my site for no reason.

News Flash

Please Note: vlvl is no longer an authorized member of Tripod. This Tripod member has been removed because they violated our Terms of Service or chose to self-delete. For more information, click here.

If you feel that there has been a mistake, please contact us at reportabuse.lycos.com

Of course - I wanted to check what I did wrong.


Homepage abuse comes in many different forms. The following is a list of abuses that can lead to the termination of a Tripod or Angelfire membership without warning:
Remote loading - Using a Tripod or Angelfire Basic account for the sole purpose of storing files for use on another Web site or for backup purposes. MORE
Pornography - Displaying content on a Tripod or Angelfire site that may be considered pornographic, including images that depict nudity. MORE
SPAM - Using a Tripod or Angelfire account to advertise a product or service via unsolicited bulk e-mail. MORE
Piracy - Storing, linking to, or providing the serial number for, copyrighted software. This includes linking to hacking/cracking sites. MORE
Hacking - Linking, explaining, or demonstrating how to hack into software or computer systems. MORE
Fraud - Collecting information from a visitor by misrepresenting the authenticity of a site.MORE
No Banner - Altering a Tripod or Angelfire page to prevent the display of banner ads.
Copyright Infringement - Using copyrighted material on a Tripod or Angelfire page without the permission of the owner of the copyright.
Invalid File Extentions - All files located in your member directory must have a valid file extension. Files that do not have a file extension will cause the account to be terminated. Examples: Invalid: "my_dog" Valid: "my_dog.html"


Naturally, I did none of this. I tried e-mailing them, with no response. So I said to myself - Lets go to another hosting service. GeoCities looked promising, but guess what - They don't support FTP. Uploading 381 files manually can be a real drag.

Next. Found a different provider - www.greatnow.com. They offer 100MB free, Allow FTP, only problem - You have more ads popping up for each page than you have concealed nuclear weapons in Iraq.

Still - I uploaded the site, all 16.5 Megs of it. Only then did I recieve an e-mail from Tripod:

Dear vlvl,

Your membership associated with the membername vlvl has been properly 

If you'd like to change or view your membership information, please go 
to the "My Account" Tab:


and click on the "Change my member info" link.

Thanks again for using Tripod!
Thanks a lot amigos.

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