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Asynchronous group collaboration

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uTOK was awarded as one of the top 100 Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum, for 1999 and 2000.

The World Economic Forum (http://www.weforum.org) is the foremost global partnership of business, political, Intellectual and other leaders of society to define and discuss key issues on the global agenda. The Forum is gathered every year at Davos, Switzerland.

uTOK was recognized for developing and advancing technology that has made positive contribution to social progress around the world.

CNET 50 Fabulous Freebies, September 1999

“uTOK is selected as one of the ‘CNET 50 Fabulous Freebies’ because its the slickest and easiest Web surfing companion we saw. uTOK lets the masses post critiques, messages, or queries on a site so that anyone else running the program can read them and post a reply message.”

Chris Shipley, at Demo 2000 conference, March 2000

“I believe that uTOK new technology points the way for substantial changes in the ways people use the Web to communicate and interact.”… 

USA Today, March 2000
New kind of Web community opens a dialogue with uTOK, Edward C. Baig

“The uTOK program doesn't let you engage in real-time voice or text chat, but foster community, and it's easy to learn and use… I reckon this powerful medium is here to stay and will only get better over time.”

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WIRED Magazine, August 2000
Noise "R" Us, Paul Chaplin

"The simplest app to use was uTOK - you just download and start dropping notes for others wherever you want. Communications can be private or public; the public ones can develop into a permanent discussion. It's similar to the service from Thirdvoice (www.thirdvoice.com), which debuted last year, except that uTOK lets users rate the posts of others in an effort to bring the best ideas to the top. In short, if this thing catches on, every site will have a self-regulated bulletin board."

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The Wall Street Journal, March 2000
Programs Take Surfers Down Web's Byways Without Losing Them, Jemery Wagstaff

“ Where uTOK goes one better though is in its ability to do keyword searches through all posted messages. Type in Indonesia, for example, and you get an impressive list of quite interesting comments about the country and its recent withdrawal from East Timor, Post your own comment to a site, and if you chose not to do it anonymously, any subsequent comments will be forwarded to you.”

YAHOO Internet Life, February 2001

“uTOK (User's Tree of Knowledge) is a fascinating little browser add-on that lets you comment on Web sites you visit and view others' comments. You can search the entire Web for uTOK notes; track a favorite site or single page and get notification whenever a uTOK note is posted; and choose groups or topics of interest. Disclose or hide as much or as little information about your profile as you choose.”

PC Magazine, March 2000 
Whatever Happened To Just Plain Browsing?, Michael J. Miller

"In a similar vein, uTOK (Users' Tree of Knowledge) lets you set up another window next to a page and share your ideas about the page. The idea here is that everyone is an expert on something; users rate the people making comments, and only those with high ratings survive. This is the theory of evolution in action."

eWEEK, February 2000
Product fest teems with cool concepts, Bill Machrone

"My favorite paradigm-bending product was uTOK (www.utok.com), which stands for "users' tree of knowledge." It's a three-way cross between on-screen sticky notes, a threaded discussion system and ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger"

Rocket Downloads.com, uTOK - by Nick Smith

"uTOK is an outstanding Internet application that literally expands its users' "Tree of Knowledge." As a uTOK user, you'll be able to surf the Web and leave sticky notes on the sites you visit. You can also browse and view the notes that other users have left behind. uTOK offers a great way for people to voice their opinions and obtain information that they couldn't have received elsewhere."

You can find more reviews, opinions and screen shots of uTOK at the 'Links' section...

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