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Asynchronous group collaboration

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Epinions, Member Reviews - 100% Recommending 

"The more I use this program, the more I realize that I'm no longer surfing alone. I can drop a note about a really nice looking, informative, or completely boring web site that I visit."

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T. Mills Kelly, 

Assistant Professor at 
Texas Tech University

Empowering students

"I want to empower our students with the best possible educational resources available”, said T. Mills Kelly, Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University. “By integrating uTOK’s virtual classroom environment with my existing curriculum, I hope to foster on-line intellectual collaboration and stimulate the highest degree of meaningful human interaction on the Internet, while eliminating some of the isolation students feel from one another in a virtual environment”.

M. Le Blanc,

Teacher at Burnaby Mountain 
Burnaby British Columbia

Learners companion

“uTOK works as a companion to the learners Internet browser. A teacher may design a virtual tour of selected web sites where students are guided in their browsing, and asked to add to their own observations and opinions. Students' web pages can be marked on line with comments visible only to them or praises could be publicly displayed. Students may choose to establish their own newsgroup around a certain web page which interests them."

uTOK user # 103207, USA
A Sense of Community

“uTOK is very well thought out/designed. It comes off with a very clean, functional, intuitive, friendly & effective interface, without sacrificing 'fun', a task that is by no means easy to achieve. uTOK comes off as though it has a mission, a cause, something to believe in. I think that is one of the big things.   It creates that sense of community, of family, a direct bond between the users. Even just posting a few messages, I feel as though I am good friends with a few of you.”

uTOK user # 106494, Finland
Unique Software Design

“uTOK's just the best! In fact I feel things like IRC clients should've come with something like this built-in from the beginning, sadly no IRC-client authors I've seen have been willing to think outside the norm... I also envisioned something like this for WWW, but am glad to see it done now so I don't need to bother.” 

uTOK user # 105726, Hong Kong
High Quality of Content

“In uTOK, I find that people are serious about discussions. Many intelligent people come, think deeply about the discussion, then leave a note. We like to ‘play around’ with the ideas, not play around with the program buttons and menus.”

uTOK user #103578, Australia
Sharing Knowledge

“uTOK isn't the first of this type of program that I've tried, but it's the only one that ‘works’ the way it promises to. It's well thought out and designed. Members themselves filter out the junk and spam, and it works! I think by now we have our own resident experts in just about every field of knowledge.” 

uTOK user # 106306, USA
User-based Information

“Principally, I find the ‘groups’ work extremely well. You can join a group about a subject you know little about, and everyone is happy to help you. I think by now we have our resident experts in just about every field. Knowledge: it helps to link you with other uTOKers with similar interests.”

uTOK user #102172, USA
Excellent Spirit

uTOK’s mission, the commitment of the staff and the high quality of the users create not only a perfect community for the exchange of ideas, but also an excellent spirit of online discussion.”

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