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Some artwork by Guy Hoffman, inspired by Douglas Coupland's Microserfs.



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New York, Revisited
Well, The last time I was in NYC was around two years ago, in March '95. The circumstances were different, I had this big decision to make, I was alone, and I was two years younger. This time however, There was one and only one reason for me going there. I was burned out. Kaput. All my emotional and cognitive energy was depleted. So - Off we go to NYC. Guy, Udi and Guy's sister, Thalia. While Udi stayed at Dana's place, on 5th and 32nd, we stayed at this amazing place called the The Gershwin Hotel. This place was a combination of a hotel and a hostel. Naturally, We slept in the dorm-rooms, where we met some pretty bizzare characters (And I don't mean the rats, which allmost ate my m&m's). On this vacation we tried to avoid all the tourist attractions, but we just couldn't escape battery park at the sunset, and the Empire State building at night. It's funny how when you're *aware* of doing something really corny, it's not corny anymore, it's kewl. So, for all of you who keep asking me how was NY: It was just like last time - amazing, dazzling, awesome and - Woah! The thing is that me being so related to the US and it's culture, I felt in NY *at home* - as if this is the place I should be living in, this is the culture I want to be in, not the humid levantine country I was born in. Which of course made me think if I could ever make a life in somewhere else other than Israel. Well, once I finish thinking about it - I'll let you know. (As if you care)

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 After extensive research, The VL institute for practical science researchers have finally found what the most common computer screen in the world is:


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Yom Kipuris a very strange day for me. Untill two years ago I used to fast, not missing a year. Everytime someone would asked me why I fast, I replied with an evasive answer. Just couldn't find a good reason. Oh, I had plenty of answers - "It's a habit", "It's healthy", "It's a challenge". But they were all excuses, which just became more unconvincing each and every year, and a growing contrast to my building hatred to religion and everything it stands for. For me Yom-Kipur is mainly a reminder for the Yom-Kipur war. I was one year old then, but from what I hear - I spent my days in a bomb shelter with my dad being away in the army, and my mom helping people in shock in a hospital. What a way to celebrate your birthday, eh? So, all you fasters, pray to your god. I'll be busy remembering what bad leadership can cause this country.
More Yom-Kipur links:
From the IDF history.
The Egyptian version of things.

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Why I believe in God

Upon request from Sigal - Why I believe in God. First its important to note that I'm what you will normally call a raving atheist. This also means that hate and disdain everything that smells of religion, worship and especially the Jewish Orthodox establishment. But - and there's a but, I belive in God. How come? Well, as a psychology undergrad student, I was privileged to take a course named introduction to physiological psychology. This course was very kewl, and during it I've learned a lot about human physiology in general, and specifically the Central nervous system. Everyone who learns about this system cant help himself but stand in amazement and awe at this wonderfull creation which is the brain. Now, I know my statistics, and my Darwin, but I just can't see how a mechanism as complex as the brain could ever evolve through evolution only. I'm sorry. No way. I concede that our brain was much more primitive, and evolved through the years, but something had to make the prototype. and since a goo of chemicals can't just evlove into magnificient machine. So, as Holmes used to say - once you eliminate all the possibilities, the one left is the answer. And the answer is - something made us. Someone designed the prototype. That someone/something could have been an alien life form, a God, whatever. I strongly believe that some entity created us, and I choose to call it God. I don't think he/it is still here, I don't think that if you'll be good you'll be rewarded. I just believe that God created the prototype for us, and went away.

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A Visit to InfoTech

Yesterday I went to InfoTech fall. This is a computer show, in which a lot of software\hardware companies and ISP's show their merchendise, all trying to lure you to their booths so they can fill you with junk brochures and make you buy their products. I haven't been in such a show for a while, and all I remembered from these shows was a lot of geeks mosing around and getting all worked up about this new product and that new software. This year however, I was stunned to see that the show was packed with sexy young girls. At first I thought - Hey, the computer industry *is* changing its face! But in no time I realized that none of them was there of her own free will. They were all working. The computer vendors figured that if you take a beautifull babe and dress her in a tight shirt - she can lure any geek to their booths. And guess what - it worked. Maybe a realization has dawned upon the computer industry: A geek is still a guy. Sex still sells better than RAM.

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The bus ride to work

When I ride the bus from home to work, I can actually see the process in which all the beautifull girls vanish. You start with a fair amount of girls which you would be hard pressed to name the color in their eyes. All dressed well, with all these "belly" shirts, and some applying this new "no-bra" trend (where did that come from?!). When the bus reaches Dizengoff Center, some more board the bus, as stunning as the first ones. You just sit there, and try hard not to get caught staring. Things start to change once you pass Ibn-Gvirol st. You reach that bus-stop which combines the IDF spokesman and the Kirya, and all the beautifull soldiers go down (Ah, 18 and in uniform!). The bus keeps on going, and untill you are left with girls who in normal situations wouldn't merit a second glance, but it is morning, you are desperate, so you settle with that, and say to yourself - Hey, I can see myself sleeping with them. As the bus reaches the end of Karlibach St., you are left usually with an assortment of old ladies and *really* unattractive housewifes. Usually there's one or two girls in the age range of 17-30, and you go to extreme measures to find something to cling on - "this one has really nice lips". The most scary thing is that I think that this is the process we go through life. Compromise, Compromise and some more Compromise. Which means I really have something to look forward too.

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