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The Un-Official uTOK Team Page
Part VII - Traktoronim

Vroom Vroom
Traktoron (pl. Traktoronim) is a word coming to describe, well, a small tractor. These are cute little thingies, which are soooo fun to ride. So - To celebrate Passover 2000, we all went to ride them.

Jackie O.
Dikla, Our QA Queen, in a reflective moment (Image processing - Roni)

John Cleese
Alexander V. Karelin, The man, The myth, The legend. The Client Developer

Look ma! I'm standing
Sharon, Who also took most of the pictures, was warned by the instructor that he's driving like a maniac.

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...
Here we are, on the way to the Ramat-Hagolan

Right behind you
Myself and the esteemed Mr. Hoffman, in the battle of the VP's

Say Cheese!
Nili, The new office manager. Behind her - "Hirbet Kanaf". As good as place as anywhere to drink good black coffee, eat some watermelons, and listen to a lecture about the history of the place.

Ah, bliss.
While Nili is outside posing for pictures, Mr. Hoffman is enjoying the coffee inside.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Roni Biran, Our much picked upon WebMaster, demonstrating some driving skills.

What a stud!
Roni Halperin, on the other hand, is much better explaining in theory

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